How To Choose The Best Linear Shower Drain

Linear Shower Drain U.K. is a stylish addition to the decor of the modern bathrooms, which is useful in easy and fast drainage of the water accumulated during a bath in the shower. There are many manufacturers of this type of drains in the market, who form an alliance with the different builders, architects and the craftsmen, who deal with the installation of the drainage system in a building.

The people, who are buying new residences or renovating their existing ones, should know in details about the different kinds of floor drains, so that they can select the best one among the different brands of drains.How To Choose The Best Linear Shower Drain

Decide on the type of shower floor drain – The linear drains can be either the visible type, or the unnoticeable ones. But it is up to the choice of the house-owners to decide on the exact type that should be used in a bathroom. Most of the people prefer to install the unnoticeable type of shower drains, as it brings a contemporary and fashionable look to the bathroom. Moreover, as it needs minimum space for itself, it leaves more space in the bathroom, which can be used for other purposes. Also, this unnoticeable type of drain increases the smart beauty of the shower, which needs to be of latest design.

Check the compatibility with the tiles of the bathroom – It is best to check whether the tiles fitted on the floor of the bathroom is thick enough to bear the installation of the shower drain between them. The color and the design of the tiles also play a role in selecting the unnoticeable linear shower drains from this huge stock. Hence, in case of a new building, the tiles should be chosen first, so that the drain of that bathroom can be matched with these newly purchased tiles.

Decide on the exactly correct size of the drainage system – The gully drains should be of appropriate sizes, depending on the shape and the size of the shower; as it should have the capability of draining out all the water coming out from the shower. Hence, it is best to take the advice of a professional bathroom designer or architect in this matter.

Keep the bathroom seamless – The linear shower drain looks best in a completely seamless bathroom, as the resultant appearance resembles that of a spa of latest design. Hence, it is best not to have a specifically designed shower area, as the drain keeps this area as dry as the rest of the bathroom.

Buy a whole shower unit – Nowadays, the readymade shower unit is available, where a linear drain of fashionable design is already installed. Thus, the customers can buy this type of whole shower unit, made of fiberglass or marble, to avoid the hassle of redesigning the existing bathroom. Though this system is quite cheap and convenient for the customers, it does not give them much choice regarding the designs of the linear drains.

Test the functionality of the drain system – Every customer should check the ability of their shower floor drains, by flooding the bathroom with large volume of water. Both readymade shower unit and the specially fitted drain should be checked, before making the final payment for it.